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Dead Legion Update

2011-11-10 22:12:12 by NTReverbFilms

Been a while since I posted anything here. ADR and final audio mixing stuff for the film should hopefully be going down soon. Once the final cut of the film is completely finished and polished, everyone who contributed to the soundtrack is getting a copy in return for their much appreciated assistance. From there, the plan is to throw the film around at as many festivals as possible in the hopes that one will actually accept it. Keep in mind, we're still seeking distribution, so if you think you can somehow be of assistance with that then shoot us an email at the film's new official address:

Oh, one more thing. My hip PR guy suggested advertising the movie via Facebook, so keep an eye out for updates at: e

Yep, almost entirely finished shooting. A few pickups here and there and we should be good. Brand new Trailer. Enjoy.

New Dead Legion Trailer!

2011-06-08 05:59:00 by NTReverbFilms

I cut a new trailer together, seeing as how a lot of the stuff in the first trailer had to be reshot, and shooting has otherwise progressed a bit. This will be the last trailer for a while. (At least until shooting is finished somtime in July)

Thanks to everyone who offered up their musical talents, or has in any way expressed interest thus far.

Currently working on a feature film that could potentially be visiting some film festivals. Amazingly enough, we were invited to submit the film to the Raindance Film Festival. I was shocked, given our low budget. Apparently, someone saw the trailer, which you can see HERE.

There are currently a couple people working on music for the flick, and a local band is kind enough to be donating us some stuff, but we need more. A lot of music goes into a full length film. Let me know if you have anything you'd like to submit for use in the film, and make sure you fill out a release form so we can use your stuff.

Get a relase form in RTF format from...

Megaupload ...or... Mediafire